60s Bikeway from NE Davis St to NE Alameda St 

  • 60s Bikeway and 60s Bikeway - Neighborhood Greenway.  A segment of the 60’s Bikeway will be constructed between NE Davis St and NE Alameda St on portions of NE 60th, 61st, and 62nd Avenues.  Two types of bike improvements are proposed based on location:

    • NE 60th Ave from NE Hassalo to NE Oregon St:  5’-wide bike lanes with 3’-wide buffers to separate cyclists from the vehicle travel lane

    • Portions of NE 61st and 62nd Avenues: Sharrows, speed bumps, signage, and stop sign changes

  • New bike crossings, crosswalks, and curb extensions will be installed at two intersections:  NE 60th Ave and NE Oregon St and NE Halsey and NE 61st /62nd Ave.


  • On-street parking will be removed from both sides of NE 60th Ave from the south side of NE Hassalo St to NE Oregon St, and within 20’ on the approaches to each intersection along NE Halsey St, NE 60th Ave (south of Halsey), and the 60s Bikeway neighborhood greenway route.


  • A new Bike Facility Route will be added to NE Hassalo St from NE 53rd Ave to NE 60th Ave.  Improvements will include sharrows, speed bumps, signage, and stop sign changes.

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